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Hay-Artyan (Harutunyan), Artashes

Born - 27.10.1899 in the village of Nakhichevan in the former Kars region. Died - 13.04.1978.
1914-19 - worked as a steward, blacksmith, deliveryman. 1921- graduated courses at Armenian Drama Studio in Yerevan. 1922-23 - studied in Armenian Art-Studio in Moscow. 1923-27 - studied at the Acting Department of State Cinema School. 1925-35 - actor, assistant of the director and director of the First Goskino Studio(currently Mosfilm Studio). 1932- graduated Advanced Directing Courses at VGIK (S. Eisenstein's and A.Room's master class). Shot in Moscow studios three films: Pyotr Ivanovich (1931), I Am Not Small (1932), Young Sheperd (1935).

1937 - Karo, co-script, dir.
1939 - People of Our Collective Farm
1941 - Lesson of Soviet Language, co-script, dir., short
1945 - Armenian Religious Assembly in Echmiadzin, doc.
1956 - For Honor
1960 - Northern Rainbow
1966 - Hunter From Lalvar, script, dir.