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Aghababov, Arnold

Born - 07.09.1929 in Baku. Died - 29.03.1999 in Yerevan.
1947-49 - worked as a printworker. 1949-52- served in the Soviet Army. 1953-57- was the head of the regional department of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan. 1962- graduated from the Advanced Courses for Scriptwriters in Moscow (M.Bleiman's and V.Solovyev's master class). Since 1967 shot films based on his scripts.

1960 - They are to Live, script (along with L.Vagharshyan and S.Rizaev)
1961 - Road, script (along with H.Bagrazyan)
1965 - Hello, It Is Me!, script
1966 - Garni, short, script, dir.
1972 - Return, script
1972 - Soviet Armenia, doc., script (along with A.Kakosyan and Zh.Avetisyan)
1974 - The Canyon of Deserted Tales, script (along with E.Keosayan)
1975 - Ginger Plane, script, dir. (co-dir. A.Hayrapetyan)
1978 - Arevik, script(along with G.Arakelyan), dir. (co-dir. A.Hayrapetyan)
1980 - There, Beyond the Seven Mountains, script (along with Ye.Grigoryants), dir.
1982 - Cry of a Peacock, script (along with F.Dovlatyan)
1986 - A Lonely Nut-Tree, script (along with F.Dovlatyan)
1992 - Where Were You, Man of God?, script (along with Z.Khalapyan), dir.