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Grigoryan, Vahagn

Born - 27.03.1942 in Yerevan.
1964 - graduated from the philological department Yerevan State University. Has worked as a teacher in various Armenian villages until 1967. 1967-74 - worked at "Pioner" magazine. 1983-91 - secretary of Writers' Union of Armenia. His first book, "Paper Doves" was published in 1964.

1978 - Five More Days
1980 - Day, Awaited so Long, co-script (along with A.Verdyan), short
1983 - The Most Comfortable and the Most Beautiful House, animation
1983 - Tale About Sharp Clocks, animation
1985 -The Talented Donkey, animation
1989 - Repeated Be All, co-script (along with B.Hovhannisyan)
1990 - Blood, co-script (along with G.Nikolayev)