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Paradjanov, Sergey

Born - 09.01.1924 in Tbilisi. Died - 20.07.1990 in Yerevan.
1942-45 - studied in Vocal Department of Tbilisi Conservatory, later - at the Constructions Department of Tbilisi Institute of Engineers of Transportation Means. 1952 - graduated from the Directing Department of VGIK (I.Savchenko's master class). Until 1968 - worked at Dovzhenko Film Studio in Kyiv. Later - shot films at Armenfilm and Georgia-Film Studios. At the end of 1973 has been arrested and convicted in 1974 for "homosexual orientation and illegal transactions involving art objects." Has been released from jail at the end of 1977 following the protests of foreign community and the petition filed by Luis Aragon directly to Brezhnev. 1983-1988 - worked at "Gruzia-film" Studio (Tbilisi0. where shot htree films. In 1989 started to work on a film "Confession" at Armenfilm, which was stopped because of worsening of the health. He was the author of most of his films, as well as author of about twenty scripts ("Ara the Beautiful," "David of Sassoun," "Shushanik's Martyrdom"), which have never been shot. Has created a high volume of art works: collages, dolls, ceramics, paintings, most of them presented at his Museum in Yerevan (opened in 1991). The new film language, created by him, has been highly estimated by his contemporaries.

1952 - Moldavian Tales (Moldovafilm Studio), short
1954 - Andriesh, co-dir. (along with Ya.Bazelyan, Dovzhenko Film Studio, Kyiv)
1958 - Dumka, (Dovzhenko Film Studio, Kyiv), doc.
1959 - Natalia Uzhviy (Dovzhenko Film Studio, Kyiv), doc.
1959 - Golden Hands (Dovzhenko Film Studio, Kyiv), doc.
1959 - The First Fellow (Dovzhenko Film Studio, Kyiv)
1961 - Ukrainian Rhapsody (Dovzhenko Film Studio, Kyiv)
1962 - A Flower on The Stone (Dovzhenko Film Studio, Kyiv)
1964 - Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors (Dovzhenko Film Studio, Kyiv)
1966 - Kyiv Frescoes, unfinished, forbidden (Dovzhenko Film Studio, Kyiv)
1967 - Hakob Hovnatanyan (Yerevan Chronicle-Documentary Film Studio), doc.
1969 - The Color of Pomegranate (Armenfilm)
1984 - Legend on Suram Fortress (Georgia Film Studio)
1985 - Arabesques (Pirosmani), short (Georgia Film Studio)
1988 - Ashik-Kerib, co-dir. (along with J.Abashidze) (Georgia Film Studio).
1990 - Confession, unfinished, (Armenfilm)