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1979, Hayfilm Studio (in association with Debute/Mosfilm Studio), comedy (based on Z.Khalapyan’s story of the same name), 19min. (527m), color, premiere – 03.05.1980.
Scr. E.Akopov, Dir. G.Melkonyan, Dir. of Phot. M.Vardanov, Art Dir. G.Torosyan, Compos. A.Boyamyan, Sound A.Drozhenko, First Asst.Dir. L.Davtyan, Cost.Des. G.Manukyan, Make-up N.Khachatryan, Sec.Asst.Dir. Zh.Barsoyan, Edit. S.Gabrielyan, Scr.Edit. V.Maligin, M.Stamboltsyan, Prod.Manag. K.Galoyan.
Starring: Samson – R.Aroyan, Gaspar – L.Sarkisov, Aelita – E.Petrosyan, Shushan – T.Hovhannisyan.
Kids: N.Alaverdyan, M.Poghosyan, A.Alaverdyan, T.Nurbekyants, B.Ananyan, A.Atabekyan, A.Ajemyan, A.Hayrumyan.

Two families live next door to each other. Only the mulberry tree unites and, at the same time, separates their houses. The tree is the source of their joys and tribulations.