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Winepress (Sour Grape)

1973, Hayfilm Studio, drama, 76min. (2098m), b/w, wide screen.
Scr. R.Hovsepyan, Dir. B.Hovhannisyan, Dir. of Phot. S.Israelyan, Art Dir. R.S.Babayan, Compos. R.Amirkhanyan, Sound K.Kurdiyan, First Asst.Dir. A.Gamjyan, Rom.Zhamharyan, Cam. M.Shahbazyan, Set Des. G.Torosyan, Cost.Des. G.Manukyan, Make-up V.Asatryan, Sec.Asst.Dir. N.Asatryan, Asst.Cam. M.Ghandiljyan, Asst.Des. A.Balayan, Edit. L.Feiginova, S.Gabrielyan, Scr.Edit. L.Budaghyan, Prod.Manag. V.Ghochikyan, Creative Adviser A.Tarkovsky.
Cast: Vahe – A.Isahakyan, Vardan – Sos Sargsyan, Sahak – H.Azizyan, Sanam – A.Tumanyan, old man – V.Panoyan, Hovhaness – G.Janibekyan, Yelizaveta – G.Novents, head of the station – A.Sherents.
In the episodes: G.Margaryan, A.Avagyan, L.Salajyan, H.Vanyan, S.Sargsyan, A.Vachyan.

Having received the news of his father’s death, a small boy doesn’t accept it and continues to wait for his return. And, indeed, his father comes back. During his absence his wife has married another man. The father leaves for war again, as soon as his injury has healed. This time he really dies, but the boy is strong enough to withstand the blow.