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Tale About How Small Bears Fed the Whale, A

1974, Hayfilm Studio, 10min. (277m), color.
Scr. L.Sahakyants, R.Sahakyants, Dir. R.Sahakyants, Art Dir. L.Khachatryan, Cam. A.Kyurdyan, Compos. Yu.Harutyunyan, Sound K.Kurdiyan, Edit. K.Arakelyan, Prod.Manag. S.Martirosyan.

Small bears want to feed a whale, however, a cunning tortoise, which pretends to be a whale and eats all that was meant for the latter, tricks them. The lie is almost exposed when the bears find out that the tortoise has no spout. But, they take the stream of water that flows from the mouth of the tortoise for the spout.