Supported by Ministry of Culture of RA

Abu-Hasan’s Slippers

1974, Hayfilm Studio, 10min. (275m), color.
Scr. L.Budaghyan, R.P.Babayan, Dir. R.P.Babayan, Art Dir. L.Khachatryan, Cam. A.Kyurdyan, Compos. R.Amirkhanyan, Sound K.Kurdiyan, author of the text V.Hovakimyan, the text performed by E.Elbakyan, Prod.Manag. S.Martirosyan.

This is a humorous film about how slippers made by Abu-Hasan become the cause of a series of misfortunes. One day they even “kill” a man. At the end, the local court passes an edict to hang the slippers on the town square.