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Magic Lavash

1973, Hayfilm Studio, 10min. (277m), color.
Scr. A.Sahradyan, S.Andranikyan, Dir. S.Andranikyan, N.Atajanyan, Art Dir. A.Grigoryan, Cam. A.Kyurdyan, Compos. T.Mansuryan, Sound Yu.Sayadyan, Edit. S.Jonyan, Prod.Manag. S.Martirosyan.

Naghash lived with his mother, who used to bake tasty lavash for him. One day he decides to set off in search of happiness. Having experienced much grief and sorrow, Naghash understands that one can be happy only in his native land. He returns home, clears stones from a small plot of land, and sows and waters it, using all his energy. At the end, the land bestows on him a rich harvest.