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Puy-Puy Mouse

1971, Hayfilm Studio, (based on D.Demirchyan’s tale of the same name), 10min. (264m), color.
Scr. R.P.Babayan, V.Podpomogov, Dir./Art Dir. R.P.Babayan, Cam. A.Kyurdyan, Compos. R.Amirkhanyan, Sound K.Kurdiyan, Edit. H.Melkonyan, songs performed by R.Mkrtchyan, Prod.Manag. L.Movsisyan.

A mouse penetrates a coconut through a hole, and drinks so much coconut milk that it is unable to get out. Through that very hole, the mouse starts crying bitterly and cries so long that it is finally thin enough to get out of the coconut.