Supported by Ministry of Culture of RA


1970, Hayfilm Studio, (based on H.Tumanyan’s poem of the same name), 15min. (420m), color.
Scr. A.Hayrapetyan, V.Podpomogov, Dir./Art Dir. V.Podpomogov, Cam. A.Kyurdyan, Compos. R.Amirkhanyan, Sound K.Kurdiyan, Edit. S.Vatinyan, Prod. Manag. L.Movsisyan.

The beautiful princess Parvana sends all of her worshippers to get the inextinguishable fire for her. None of the young men come back, and the princess mourns their deaths all her life. According to the legend the water in the Lake Parvana is composed of her teardrops.