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Dog and the Cat, The

1938, Yerevan Film Studio (based on H.Tumanyan’s tale of the same name), 10min. (280m), b/w.
Scr. A.Ptushko, L.Atamanov, Dir. L.Atamanov, Art Dir. V.Suteev, Cam. Zh.Vardanyan, Anim. N.Vasiliev, K.Yeranyan, M.Yesayan, M.Karapetyan, M.Shumkova, Sh.Melkonyan, Compos. S.Barkhudaryan, Sound I.Grigoryan.

Once upon a time a dog asks a tailor-cat to sew him a hat, but it gets neither the hat nor the fur given to make it. From that time on, the cat and the dog are the bitterest of enemies.