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Dovlatyan, Frunze

Born- 27.05.1927 in Nor-Bayazet (now Gavar, Armenia). Died - 30.08.1997 in Yerevan.
1941-52- an actor in Armenian provincial theatres and Sundukyan Drama Theatre of Yerevan. 1947- graduated from the Theatrical Studio at the Sundukyan Drama Theatre of Yerevan. 1950 - awarded Stalin Premium for the role of Hrair in the play "These Stars are Ours." 1959 - graduated from the Directing Department of VGIK (S.Gerasimov's master class). 1959-64- worked at Gorky Film Studio in Moscow. 1962-64- director at Mosfilm Studio
1964-97 - director at Haifilm Studio. In 1965 shot a film "Hello, It's Me," which became a turning point in the history of the Armenian cinema. Since 1943 has been starring in many films. In Moscow film studios shot following films: "Who is to blame?" (co-dir. L.Mirsky, Film-Studio VGIK, 1958), The Morning of Our City (co-dir. L.Mirsky, Film-Studio VGIK, 1959), "Dima Gorin's Career" (co-dir. L.Mirsky, Gorky Film Studio in Moscow, 1961), "Morning Trains" (co-dir. L.Mirsky, Mosfilm, 1963).

1965 - Hello, It Is Me!
1968 - Saroyan Brothers, creative adviser
1972 - Chronicle of Yerevan Days, co-script, dir.
1976 - Delivery
1979 - Live Long, co-script, dir.
1982 - Cry of a Peacock, co-script
1982 - International Conference in Venice, script, dir., doc.
1982 - Center of Mkhitarian's, script, dir., doc.
1985 - Bridge of Cultures, script, dir., doc.
1986 - A Lonely Nut-Tree, co-script, dir.
1990 - Nostalgia