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Babayan, Suren

Born - 18.09.1950 in Yerevan.
1972- graduated from the Directing Department of Yerevan Fine Arts and Theatre Institute. 1974-75 - Actor and director of Yerevan TV theatre. 1980 - graduated from Advanced Directing Courses in Moscow (N.Mikhalkov's master class).

1978 - Neutral Situation, script, dir., short
1980 - The Eighth Day of Creation, co-script (along with F.Prilutsky (Gorenshtein), dir., short
1982 - Cry of a Peacock, co-dir. (along with M.Dovlatyan)
1986 - Frunze Dovlatyan, doc., co-script, co-dir. (along with M.Dovlatyan)
1987 - The Thirteenth Apostle, dir.
1989 - Facing the Wall, co-script (along with M.Dovlatyan and G.Nikolayev)
1990 - Blood, co-script (along with G.Nikolayev), dir.
1993 - "P.S.," noai., dir.
1996 - Gyumri-review, doc., script, dir.
2000 - Crazy Angel, co-script (along with A.Hovsepyan), dir. and starring as Fred