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Kotanjyan, Rafayel

Born - 09.09.1942 in Tbilisi.
1964 - graduated from the Acting department of Yerevan Fine Arts and Theatre Institute; 1964-66 - actor and director of Shirvanzade Drama Theatre of Zangezur; 1966-68 - an actor of the first Armenian youth theater - "Arshaluys" in Yerevan. Has graduated from the Advanced Directing Courses of the Moscow Central TV. Since 1970 - an actor of Yerevan Drama Theatre; makes also TV performances.

1972 - Men (as Levon)
1976 - Baghdasar Divorces His Wife (as Ogsen)
1980 - A Piece of Sky (A Slap) (starring)
1981 - A Humble Man (starring), short
1986 - Strange Games (in the episodes)
1991 - A Voice in the Wilderness (starring)
1991-92 - The Hearth of Three (as Alvares Torres, Ukrtelefilm, Kyiv, Shans, Moscow)
1992 - Murder in Saint-Chen-Menari (as Hustings, Yalta Film Studio, Ukraine)
1993 - The Empire of Pirates (as D'Artois, Yalta Film Studio, Ukraine)
1993 - A Merry Promenade (as Serge, Shans, Moscow)
1995-96 - Roxolana 1,2 (as Ibrahim pasha, Ukrtelefilm, Kyiv)
1995-97 - Countess de Monsaurot (as Iayensky, Mosfilm Studio)
1997 - Characters for Men (as flatterer, Mosfilm Studio)
1997 - Rings of Absolute Power (as Basargul, Ukrtelefilm, Kyiv)
1998 - The Love is Evil (as guru, Mosfilm Studio)
1999 - Roxolana 3, (as Iarino Sanuto, Ukrtelefilm, Kyiv)