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Hasmik (Taguhi Hakobyan)

Born - 21.03.1879 in Nakhijevan (now in Azerbaijan). Died - 23.08.1947 in Yerevan.
Has performed regularly in different theatrical groups in Yerevan and Tiflis (Tbilisi) (now Tbilisi). In 1916 was invited to play in Armenian Drama Union in Tbilisi. Has performed in other troupes as well. Has been worked in Armenia since 1920. At first she lead a National theatrical troupe in Dilijan, since 1921 was a leading actress in the Sundukyan Drama Theatre of Yerevan. Has performed many classical roles in theatre and cinema.

1925 - Namus (as Mariam)
1927 - Evil Spirit (as Shushan)
1927 - The Slave (as Nektar)
1930 - Under the Black Wing (as Mariam)
1932 - Kurds-Yezids (as Shakeh)
1932 - Two nights (as mother)
1934 - Gikor (as Dedi)
1935 - Pepo (as Shushan)
1938 - Zangezur (as Agyul)
1938 - Sevan's Fishermen (as Takuhi)
1939 - Mountainous March (as Hasmik)
1939 - People of Our Collective Farm (as Sona-tati)
1941 - Family of Patriots (as mother), short
1943 - David-Bek (as nurse)